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About The Laughing Buddhaa

Like other incense sticks, we don’t smell like Cologne. We smell like pure, natural incense sticks. Incense like good old days.

We also sell scented candles and Resins. Which smell unconventional. Are made by traditional methods. And are inspired by earthy materials.

Slow Burning. Long Lasting. And spiritual.

Clean, inviting fragrance. Pleasant, yet not overpowering. Strong, yet gentle. Delectable, yet non-cloying. Mystical and elemental. A balance of Yin, in a fast-paced Yang.
Use at office, meditation & yoga room, maybe the kitchen. Definitely in the bedroom. We’ve our notes in places. So no headaches. Won’t feel like a piece of wood burning in your room. Incense holders also like us.
Use them to focus well. Sleep better. Ward off misfortune. Get happy thoughts. Relieve stress. Feel better. Promote calm. Clear your head. Feel loved. Uplift energy. Purify the ambiance. Feel like a Hippie. Daydream about getting away into the wilderness.

Be in the moment.

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